Past Events/Development

The Communist Gallery started in a disused shop in brixton market. The project was a response to

1. The relative lack of any real space to create work and engage in real social discourse which is not limited to a narrow section of the population. At this time news of the crisis created by capitalism and the effects it would have on public services was starting to become widely known. The work made in the space by people using the market reflects this.

2. To resist the use of art as a tool for commercial regeneration, and provide a space to question T I N A (there is no alternative) and practice alternatives. To  examine radical texts which have been inoculated within academic art education and consider their real social implications.

In this photo work by Elaina Arkangool, Antonio Cabera, Andrew Cooper, Lisa Cradduck, Enda Deburca, Anne-Catherine Le Deunff, Charlie Fox, Mikey Georgeson, Dean Kenning, Anna Lopez and many people who dropped in and made work and wrote down their visions whilst using the market.

More information on the links below

1.Making the Communist Gallery Happen May 2010


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