Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd FEBRUARY 2014
The Union Bar, Hastings
57 Cambridge Rd, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1EL
Big Thanks to Kate Renwick and the Union Bar Team!
There are two ways you can contribute:

1) Come in person, set your work up and meet us!
We welcome all submissions that are in response to the current social, political and economic climate

-Spoken Word

This work will become part of an ongoing process and evolving social discourse. The setting up of work for public engagement will be undertaken in a spirit of comradely cooperation. The project is unfunded; our strength is cooperation and solidarity.
We will start to arrange the space at 10am on Saturday 22nd to open for 2.00pm
We invite you to enter into ongoing discussion forums over the weekend.

2) Make a one minute film to be projected as part of a new Communist Gallery show reel. Films for this option must be no longer than one minute and must be sent via email or dropbox to:

We’d also really welcome a short statement about how you see the social function of art. Although this isn’t obligatory it would really help us in formulating a common statement on Sunday 23rd about what the Communist Gallery can and should be. Your statement could even be in the form of a drawing, cartoon or diagram.
This needn’t be daunting….

Tell us how you find time to make work and what it means to you. This can be surprisingly important as we live in a time when benefits are being savaged and paid working hours are being extended and people have to find other ways of making things due to lack of resources and studio space. What you say could help others.

or if you fancy it –
Think about the link between art practice and politics in more detail. These statements will be printed by us and displayed for people to see during the weekend so as to inform and provoke discussion.

These are some of the things we have been addressing so far:

– the freedom of art appears like a totem for critical social freedom, but to what ends? Acknowledging the reality of class antagonism in its fullest sense, who does this ‘image of freedom’ serve?

– exclusion often accompanies critique and this negates the aim of changing the social and economic relations that determine distribution of resources and ownership of property necessary for public interaction with art.

– we have the fiction that art is independent rather than interdependent. Real autonomy is a position in relation to other social relations that we are able to investigate unimpeded; it is neutralized when fetishised as an unquestioned ‘image of freedom’ within narrow unacknowledged constraints. Social conditions affect how many people have access to and how easy it is to gain time and resources to practice the activities that get labeled and reified as art.

– this involves working together to create a culture, which is always collective and social where as making can take place on an individual basis. We need to work together to gain the necessary resources to make work, put it in a place where there is public interface and then work with others to develop a discourse where we can decide what is important and why.
(Andrew Cooper)
Here is the link to an article about our introductory evening in December- INTRODUCTORY EVENING UNION BAR 

Thanks to Kate Renwick and Carbon Copy Creatives Team

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The Communist Gallery has gone conceptual…

…arriving to take up residence at the Nunhead Open at 7.45pm, Friday 7 September.

The Communist Gallery Film Reel- work that questions the current political, economic and social situation…  (in this case from Jonathan Trayner, Bioni Samp, John Russell, Josh Ross, Anne Robinson, Kate Renwick, Savvas Papasavva, Laura Malacart, Alexander Maclean (Bank of Ideas), Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Brede Korsmo, Miyuki Kasahara, Charlie Fox, Fiona Flynn, Rosario Ferrera, Mikey Georgeson, London Met Students, Mark McGowan, Calum F Kerr, Dean Kenning, Ryo Ikeshiro, Nathan Eastwood, Leeds Workshop Participants, counterproductions/lado, Lado Daraxvelidze, Stephanie Dickinson, Enda Deburca, John Couzens, Andrew Cooper, Simon Coates, Nick Clay, Fionn Bretall, Jozef B, Grunts for the Arts)

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In Kirkgate Market, Leeds

While we were in Leeds Andrew Cooper, Charlie Fox, Steven Ounanian and Anne Robinson took the opportunity to go to Kirkgate Market…

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Photographs from Leeds

We were based at the LAB Space on Cross York St, Leeds







…and took one of the CGTV booths up to the Performance Studies International conference at Leeds University, where Anne Robinson and Andrew Cooper did performances and Charlie Fox presented a paper about the project.  (More photos on our Facebook page, and to follow here shortly)

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Obituary Times – 29-30th June, Leeds

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Poster Kate Renwick
Thanks to all that helped to make this a great event.

Below are photos of the performances/talks in order that they happened-

Town Cryer

Enda Deburca -you are being sold off  

 Grieg Burgoyne- You need a brain 

Kate Renwick

Dean Kenning

Dean Kenning Diagram 

 Speakeasy with Ron Barret Johnny Sweet Apple , Stuart and Mark It 

35 Robertson Street Hastings TN34 1HT

                           Whose Unconscious? Our Unconscious!
Responses to the current political economic, social and psychic circumstances in the form of films posters, inventions and music at the Underground

 What is to be done and who is going to do it?
Symposium Sunday 4th 12.00-3.00pm at The Royal Standard Pub Old Town Hastings
A symposium to work out practical ways of continuing to develop an infrastructure for an alternative functioning culture with its own critical discourse will take place in the pub

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