Why we need to negate the negation of our rights to the resources necessary for life.

This page is for submissions of work- posters, paintings images, videos that draw attention to the basic need for shelter and its manipulation for profit by promotion and adherence to ‘free’ market ideology. Links will also be added to articles that draw attention to current housing issues.
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john russel

  1. Head Gallery
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  2.  to view this animated work
    Rainbow Nbeme White Proletariate.
     The white swamp-whale – a SHIT-DEBASED vision of becoming-unwhale is dropped 80 metres from a helicopter, into the roofless white cube gallery space. Splitting like a watermelon on the crete floor – a shitting out of becoming-gallery-becoming-meat, the clueless, cunt-suave cynicism of the work rides dandyishly on a skillful and languid aesthetics of non-production – za careless disavowal of the formal values (and connected ideologies) it so skillfully achieves through negation-as-non-negation-as-negation.”

Housing and death
Radio Broadcast where the desire to form a better world in 1945 is voiced in ‘The Cruel Sea’ – Andrew Cooper

Housing for Profit must Die- Dean Kenning

Digging for Gold- Anne Robinson
International Socialist Remedy

‘When making the work I kept thinking of the book – The Poetics of Space (Gaston Bachelard) this idea of ‘a corner of the world’ which we need to inhabit’

Nook-Nathan Eastwood                                                                    We all need this

Housing Insecurity-Andrew Cooper

Why Do the Heathen so Furiously Rage Together? – Jonathan Trayner

Links and articles-
Accumulation by Dispossession


This blog is very good and raises serious questions ‘culture is never neutral’ 

Today the class dynamic is not understood. This is hardly surprising in a society where you can’t talk about class; in a society that is completely dependent on the existence of class.  The basic class dynamic in so called ‘regeneration’ often results in accumulation by dispossession of people and property in that area in favour of more affluent people may be these artists don’t care about that but in that case they need to be honest, my feeling is that things have just not been thought through and there is no collective will to question the funding of such projects and the motivation of funders. Art could be a very powerful tool for questioning the world but as the writer of this blog observes it is never neutral. Andrew Cooper

Death of Daniel Gauntlet 



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