The Communist Gallery has gone conceptual…

…arriving to take up residence at the Nunhead Open at 7.45pm, Friday 7 September.

The Communist Gallery Film Reel- work that questions the current political, economic and social situation…  (in this case from Jonathan Trayner, Bioni Samp, John Russell, Josh Ross, Anne Robinson, Kate Renwick, Savvas Papasavva, Laura Malacart, Alexander Maclean (Bank of Ideas), Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Brede Korsmo, Miyuki Kasahara, Charlie Fox, Fiona Flynn, Rosario Ferrera, Mikey Georgeson, London Met Students, Mark McGowan, Calum F Kerr, Dean Kenning, Ryo Ikeshiro, Nathan Eastwood, Leeds Workshop Participants, counterproductions/lado, Lado Daraxvelidze, Stephanie Dickinson, Enda Deburca, John Couzens, Andrew Cooper, Simon Coates, Nick Clay, Fionn Bretall, Jozef B, Grunts for the Arts)

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2 Responses to The Communist Gallery has gone conceptual…

  1. charlie says:

    An extraordinary object the CGTV can be and still be

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