Making the Communist Gallery Happen Brixton 29th May 2010

I am at present going through all the documentation of the Communist Gallery and will produce an archive of the events starting with this, the first. The text quoted has either been taken direct from the emails sent out at the time or from text that people wrote in the space. Andrew Cooper Jan 8 2012 

Making the Communist Gallery Brixton 29th May 2010

The Communist gallery is an experimental project in Brixton Market. We have use of a shop unit for six weeks. On Saturday work can be made by people that visit the gallery and then viewed through the window for the rest of the week.  The aim is to re-explore the notion of communism in relation to art, and to create a space for the exploration of an alternative society to free market liberal economics . The location of the gallery in the heart of Brixton market is important.

The word communism was chosen with a deliberate intention to provoke, as I feel that the baggage that has been dumped onto communism from the 70 years of failed state socialism needs detaching from the tradition of emancipation. But more importantly it is a questioning of the bogeyman that is got out of the cupboard every time people try to talk about a different society.

Come down this saturday you are welcome to bring small work prints etc for the window. Propose things, do things or just come down and see what possibilities there are. The project could run for 6 weeks which means that there is opportunity for real discourse and response from a massive cross section people.

Statement- “We have an opportunity to create a Communist Gallery and explore alternative values that grow from the individuals that partake in a wall-less gallery and shape it through questioning a new communist vision. This isn’t allied to any political party- it is a chance to re-explore the tradition of emancipation and alternative vision going back to Winstanley, Blake, Rosa Luxemburg, Dessalines and Sparticus. Come and talk make work, bring work and literature

We reclaim the psychic space where change is fermented.”Charlie Fox

 Questions and discussion

Some of the written responses.



I hate my work, but one

needs to work, right?

 Or does one need to eat?

one definitely needs to eat.

 But does one need work to eat?

One needs money to eat

 Does one need money to eat?

One needs food to eat

 Now we need space and




All ‘hated’ work

should be shared so

in small doses it becomes


 Food, love, housing,

holidays, health,

‘culture’ is so easily shared with all,

no one hording for self and larger self

as this brings soul burial.

All ‘gifts’, ‘skills’,

are happily

part of our human heritage and we’d love to give them away

Judy Watchman



Every element has a unique property blended together this is what makes nature such a wonderful system.

So how does human consciousness fit into this?

The human conscious’ unique property is to be interested-initially to act as natures sensory system, but we have stopped being interested in nature, now we are too interested in ourselves at the cost of nature.

Alice Murray with drawing of an ear -You said the gallery is a like a giant ear, why don’t you put a giant ear on it.


4 Id ear ls



Its crazy to create such a place!



Now Human Life has never been Cheaper

Methadone and 120 proof

largers was a significant

and deliberate attack on

working men and women

recently deprived of

lively hoods in 1980’s-

Just say no campaign

was cynical, it was

devised to obliterate

protest by the redundant

and economically displaced,

to distract,

the socially excluded

necessary for the

advanced capitalists

to build New Jerusalem

of Thatcherism and


 Why is there no money in

the state kitty?

 Because the smash and grab

of the 80’s, the sub


The poor have been quantitively

tossed deeper into poverty

Elaina Arkangool

These were put up in the space

Antonio Cabrera Creating INFLATION

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