Work, Response and Learning the Communist Gallery Brixton May-September 2010

In this time of cuts and economic privation as the mass of the worlds population is squeezed dry by governments to make up the deficit created by decades of irresponsible speculation it is a good time to ask what is arts role in the practice of social justice.
The Communist Gallery was set up as an experiment, an attempt to address the comparative lack of any real engagement of art and its supporting institutions with the alienation caused by a culture of competitive individualism.The Communist Gallery was set up to create a space both physical and psychic were we can think something different; psychic space we have taken back. An escape from the endless round of prizes, international celebrity stupidity, who’s who and ‘the up and coming’. It is a vomiting out of the naming of ourselves in the terms of the competitive ‘free’ stitch up market.

Ana Laura-Work Celebrating the life of Olive Morris

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